AC4 predictions

I'm about half-way through Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and so far it's been pretty cool but somewhat predictable.

I knew right away about James Kidd so that came as no surprise, and now I'm just wondering if my other predictions will be true or not. I just finished Marooned, and at this point I'd guess:

  • something "happens" between James Kidd and Edward (possibly in more ways than one).
    • And IF (one of) the thing(s) that happens is a bad thing -- like if someone dies -- there's no way it'll be Edward. This is based solely on what was said in the opera house at the beginning of AC3
  • we'll find out that Haytham (from AC3) turned Templar because one of his parents was a Templar, and the other was an Assassin.
  • we'll further find out that the great-grandfather of Connor (from AC3) was Captain Kidd himself.

I almost hope I'm way off, but I doubt it at this point.